Career studies/co-operative education is a career oriented program integrating classroom theory with practical workplace experience. Students work with adults who are willing to share their knowledge and experience, and to assist students with transitioning from school to the world of work. Students also learn to make informed decisions about their future education and careers.

Up to two co-operative education credits can count towards students’ 18 compulsory credits for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Credits and Placements

  • Consists of a classroom component and a placement component
  • Students attend school half-days and spend the rest of the day in the community work placement
  • School credits are awarded for successful placement experience
  • Typically, students earn two credits for a half-day placement
  • Students are eligible for a full day placement once they have successfully completed a half day experience
  • The classroom component includes pre-placement orientation and the reflective learning integration sessions
  • Pre-placement orientation (instruction on interviews, resumes, health and safety, legal and harassment issues) prepares students for the new experience
  • Students reflect on what they have learned in the related course(s) and at their placement through integration sessions

Application Process

Students must complete a Co-Op application form (PDF) and an interview before being accepted.


Co-Op Courses
Grade and SubjectCourse Code(s)
Grade 10 - Career Studies

GLC2O1 - Open (1/2 credit)

Grade 11 - Co-Op

COP3O8 (2 credits)

Grade 12 - Co-Op

COP4O8 (2-4 credits)

See the course calendar for full course descriptions.

You can also visit co-op and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) for additional information.

Military Co-op

Students that take part in military co-op learn basic soldiering skills, known as boot camp. They are trained in drills, military law, military history, first aid, weaponry (C6, C7, C9 & grenades), field craft and basic safety. Students live in barracks during their placement and must follow the military’s code of conduct. Students who have enrolled in military co-op have praised the experience for its physical fitness component and for developing life-long skills such as discipline, concentration, teamwork and leadership skills and more. For more information about applying for military co-op, contact Student Services.