2019 Grad Awards

Arnprior District High School (ADHS) graduation awards are made possible through the continued support and interest of individuals, organizations, businesses and industries in our community. They contribute to our awards program on a continual basis.

Steps for applying for ADHS graduation awards:

1.  Awards Booklet (PDF) - Read the Local Bursaries, Scholarships, and Awards booklet for graduation awards that you may apply for. We have also created a Grad Award Matrix (PDF) that provides students with a quick guide, showing the requirements for each award - but students should always read the full award description in the Awards Booklet.

2.  General Application (PDF) or General Application (Word) - Complete the general application form to apply for awards.  Make sure that you have completed every section on the form.  The General Application must be completed to apply for awards.

3.  Special Applications (PDF) or Special Applications (Word) - If you are applying for any awards that require the completion of a Special Application, you must complete the Special Application forms for those awards.

4.   Northern Credit Union Application (PDF). - If you are applying for the Northern Credit Union - Arnprior Branch Bursary, you must complete this Special Application form.

5.  Town of Arnprior Application - If you are applying for the Town of Arnprior Secondary School Bursaries, you must complete this Special Application form.

6.  Valedictorian Criteria (PDF) and Application (PDF) or Application (Word) - Read the criteria for Valedictorian and, if you wish to apply, complete the application form.

7.  No later than 12:00 noon Tuesday, April 30, 2019, submit to Student Services your completed General Application and any other required application forms.


Renfrew County District School Board Medallions

A mark of 80% or higher is considered a "level 4" in the Ontario Curriculum.  Renfrew County District School Board provides a Medallion to students who achieve the following levels within the school year.

Grade 9           Level four in 8 courses

Grade 10         Level four in 8 courses

Grade 11         Level four in 7 courses

Grade 12         Level four in 6 courses

Grade 12 medallions are distributed at the June Graduation Ceremony.

Grades 9 to 11 receive their medallions during the grades assembly in September of the new year.


Big A Awards

The Big 'A" crest is awarded to Grade 12 graduating students who have accumulated 20 or more points from participation in a minimum of three extra-curricular activities, during their high school career at ADHS.  These activities include Athletics, Band, Drama, Student Services -  Link Crew, Student Leadership, Clubs, Journalism and Committees.  Points from the Grade 9 Merit  and Grades 9 - 11 Honour Roll are also included.

Big A Crests are presented at Graduation.